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Grub 3.5"

Grub 3.5"

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Grub 3.5" 

  • Qty. per Bag: 10
  • Size: 3.5 inches

Simply a must have in your soft plastics arsenal. This bait features a twin kicking tail and allows easy rigging for multiple presentation such as a Texas / Carolina rig and Ned rig. The Grub 3.5" can also be used as a trailer on your favorite jig or bladed bait. With a variety of color options available you will be prepared for any situation that may occur on the water.

Tip: When trailing the Grub 3.5" on a jig, rig the twin kicking tails horizontally to resemble the flapping claws of a crawfish. When using the Grub 3.5" as a trailer on a spinnerbait or bladed jig, rig the twin kicking tails vertically to resemble a swimming baitfish.

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